BIRD Solutions



  1. Handheld PDA
  2. SFA / Distribution Van Sales Solution
  3. ERP Solutions
  4. Spot Billing, Spot Fining Solution
  5. Payment Collection Solution
  6. Kitchen Order Taking
  7. Other Solutions

BIRD- Business Information Realtime Display

Business Information Realtime Display is an innovative Digital Signage system for displaying Fixed Deposit Rates, Gold Loan Rates and various other interest rates to your customers. It can display 6 gold rate & 4 Deposit rates lines of interest rates simultaneously. The item name slips can be printed in multi colour and regional languages. BIRD comes with a very simple and user-friendly software to create data and transfer to the display using a Pen-drive. Rate display part is available in Red, Green & Amber colors. It ensures long distance visibility, wide viewing angle and clarity in numbers. The light-weight, aluminum cabinet is aesthetically designed and can be either wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended.