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  4. Spot Billing, Spot Fining Solution
  5. Payment Collection Solution
  6. Kitchen Order Taking
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Kitchen Order Taking (KOT)

Kitchen Order Taking is the solution which can be used in Restaurant/Hotel/Bar, KOT/BOT helps people like steward for order taking from the customer, generate printout for the cook to understand the order placed by the customer, and billing station for receiving and sending the information.Steward select the table number/chair number and generate the KOT/BOT against the order placed by the customer from PC Application or Tablet. The same will be printed in the kitchen from iPrintMarvel/Palmtec Amphibia. Also the Data will be received to the software in the Server /PC. The data will be sent in wireless mode.This procedure will continue till the customer complete the various orders. After the completion the bill can be raised from the iPrintMarvel/Normal printer’s.