SWAS Solutions



  1. Handheld PDA
  2. SFA / Distribution Van Sales Solution
  3. ERP Solutions
  4. Spot Billing, Spot Fining Solution
  5. Payment Collection Solution
  6. Kitchen Order Taking
  7. Other Solutions


SWAS - Smart Waiter Alert System, is an ideal solution for Calling Waiters in Hotels, Restaurants, Board Rooms in a Smart Wireless Way. The Solution combines a Wireless Table Top Button for customer & an LED Display for Waiters to Respond. SWAS – Smart Wireless Alert System, constitutes of a Wireless Table Top Button with seperate buttons for Call, Water, Bill, Complete and an LED for viewing and responding for the Waiters in the Restaurants, Board Rooms Etc. The Buttons are Installed in the Tables and the Table Numbers are Linked to the LED. The Customer press the Button based on the Need and the data will be send in a Wireless Way to the LED installed at Kitchen / Common area for the waiters to view and Respond to the Customer. Upon completion of the request, the waiter can press the complete button to remove the data from the LED. SWAS caters to a distance of 30 Mts and using Repeaters the distance can be increased.