Human Resources and Pay roll Management , Asset Management, Alert Management, Accounts Management and Optional Other Modules.

  • SFA

    Sales Force Automation SFA systems provide disciplined processes which either inform the sales person he or she is wasting their time or guide sale opportunities to predictable closures. Using Palmtec (hand held device) or Android mobile application to take customer orders, Billing & payments collections and manage mobile warehouse stock management.

  • AVAS

    AVAS is an Automatic voice alert system which will sense the movement of people and announce Pre-recorded Voice alerts.


    AFCRS is the Automated Fare Collection solution for Ticketing in Private Buses, Private bus owners are concerned about the accuracy of the account they get from their staff. Conductors also feel that lot of their time and effort are going into preparing after-ticketing accounts.

  • QMS

    Queue Management System, is a state of the Art Queue Management Solution. QMS comes with a Stand Alone Ticket / Token Dispenser, LED based Counter cum Token information Display and Calling Devices for Counters.

  • Handheld PDA

    Palmtec, Handheld PDA's designed, developed & Manufactured by Softland are ideally suited for an Array of Field Applications like Ticketing, Sales Force, Field Payment Collections Etc World Wide. Models with Thermal and Dot Matrix Printers are available

  • Portable Printer

    IPrintMarvel, Portable Bluetooth Printers, designed, developed & Manufactured by Softland are ideally suited for Android / IPhone Applications. Models with Thermal and Dot Matrix Printers are available. Models with RS232 / USB etc are also Available

  • KOT

    Kitchen Order Taking is the solution which can be used in Restaurant/Hotel/Bar, KOT/BOT helps people like steward for order taking from the customer, generate printout for the cook to understand the order placed by the customer, and billing station for receiving and sending the information.

  • COOD

    COOD helps Customers to place Orders Online using the Android / IOS Application from the Customer’s Mobile, which will be sent to the Back end Web Application for the companies to deliver the ordered goods.

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Welcome to BARATO

What We Do

BARATO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is into the Design, Sales & Support of HARDWARE Products such as Palmtec, IPrintMarvel, QMS, AVAS etc & SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS with Back end Web Applications & Mobile Applications including ERP, SFA, KOT, Loyalty, Valet Parking Solution etc. Our focus is to deliver customized END TO END TOTAL SOLUTIONS to the various requirements of the Customers World Wide by Identifying and Implementing an apt solution.

Handheld Product Ranges

Handheld PDA

  • Palmtec Embedded :Inbuilt keypad, LCD, printer and battery
  • Palmtec Android :Running on Android OS
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Total Solutions


  • Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
  • HRMS, Assets Management
  • Inventory, Sales Management
  • Accounts, Engineering Management
See details


  • Sales Force Automation(SFA)
  • Android Application
  • Inventory Billing & Sales Ordering
See details


  • Android / IOS Application
See details


  • Automated Fare Collection & Reporting System
  • LIVE Monitoring
See details


  • Kitchen Order Taking(KOT)
  • Android Based Kitchen Order Taking Solution
  • For Restaurant/Hotel/Bar
See details


  • WEB Based Queue Management System
  • Android app for managing queues effectively
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